Alberto Zambelli, aka Rootkey was born in June 20 1989.

His life, from an early age was accompanied by a passion … Music!

At the age of 7, following various television programs, he began to grow an interest in several musical cultures and to grieve for the guitar.

At the age of 10 thanks to some saved money he began to buy old tapes for his recorder when his uncle made him see a turntable, the instrument that soon would have changed his life.

Threeyears later, touring the city of Brescia, he saw an interesting shop for Djs’ equipment.

From that moment everything changed: he began to buy digital tools to develop further the mix and to make music much more complex and complete.

Once he had all that he needs in order to start with the new carrer of dj he had simpy to use the great will and the huge passion to capture that moment.

Soon with the help of some friends, he began to organize unique and magical parties in the parish hall of the city.

At the age of 14 he began to work in clubs, to gather information and to learn from other dj, in order to complete his culture and the technique of Dj.

At 15 years old he was followed by a professional Dj who helped him grow … who wishes to thank because it has enlarged far his horizons.

In the summer of the 2006, he joined a Dj in a luxury resort and worked with the technical director.

In the following years while growth as Dj he worked as Pr for very well known clubs in Italy, such as the Qi Clubbing which were the number one disco of Italy in 2005-2006.

In 2008, thanks to a very dear persons called he increased his contracts in several discos and bars.

In the year 2011 Dj Zambelli gave a cut to all the previous work and decided to face a new life for him because it was a year very significant and very strong to take on new projects and a new adventure.

Once gained more fame and became more popular, he decided to change his stage name DJ Zambelli in ROOTKEY and enrolled in at the SAE Institute in Milan.